Monday, September 30, 2013

Size Comp Anyone??

A big thanks to Demuthen for putting all this info together for me. As many of you know, he's had great success with size comps. Here is all the info he asked me to share with you......

Size comps are a game of chance. Your own real life luck plays a big role. High luck gear and rods help in getting more sss fish, but not necessarily bigger ones.

As with all other comps, start on time! Change rod, gear and bait frequently. If you don't get a sss comp fish in the first 10 minutes, log out and go back in. Big fish are usually caught around each quarter hour and the first and last 5 minutes of the comp hour.

Certain rods seem to attract certain fish. For site levels up to 25-30, low to mid level star rods seem to have better results. Rods like shark the blood, twilight, and shooting star force. For sites higher than 30, top level rods are recommended. Ot, vb, and DL. Rare rods usually don't work in size unless you use low level outfit and synthetic bait. Don't use master, expert, or rookie baits.

Start with recommended bait number 3 and work your way to number 1. Change equipment and rod at the same time. In the last 10 minutes, you can use master, expert, and rookie baits to maximize your chances.

As with rods, equipment seems to have better effect when used at the right site. Mid level site, mid level gear etc.

Use chum at your own risk. If the fish is very rare, you can get a better bite rate with chum, however, sss chum doesn't work well in bringing big size with high luck and rare rods. It will bring more sss fish, but the sizes will be disappointing.

10 minutes is the magic number. If after 10 minutes you haven't caught a bigger fish (or even a sss rank), change gear, rod, and bait. Always go for max perfect cast. Even if you can't give an entire hour to the comp, try to cast a few anyway. You never know.

This is just a guideline to what has worked for Demuthen. They are not rules and will not always work. With an infinite number of bait, rod, and gear combos, try for yourself and see what works best for you. Don't get discouraged after one week of bad luck. Keep at it and you'll have good results.

Good luck to you, and as always, Happy fishing!

Posted by Dinkdink


  1. Great Tip Demu! .. will come in real handy in size comps altho for me personally, i dont hv the multiple rods/costumes to switch n try it out. However it gives me a goal to work for and shopping list to do with my stars hehe. And kudos to dinkdink as well for posting this.

  2. Thanks for this advice, having had a lot of help from Dem, Dinkdink, Kelish and others on the live chat I have got a lot of top tens. It make the game a lot more enjoyable. Please keep the good tips n advice coming as it will help us all



  4. A quick question has anyone who is in a top ten position then drops to say top 11 - 30 managed to get back into the top ten? I've been in the top ten then just slipped out and despite all my efforts can't get back into the top ten. I now just leave it rather than waste more baits but I am interested to know if it can be done


    1. Yes, it can be done. It's happened to me and others I know b4.


  5. OK and thanks dink, I will give it a try


  6. B it just happened to me last night on bonefish size comp. I was 2nd, dropped to 6th, then 14th and got back to 5th in last 10 minutes.

  7. Guys there is new things like fortune teller or something 4 status remain up to 24 hours 1st try free up to 10 times. 2nd 1000gold 3rd 2000gold etc
    I think mystery solved its in the latest updates 2.3.0
    today I got this status
    Size 4stars
    rare fish 3 stars
    Exp 2 stars

    also there's status 4 money and 4 character
    u don't know what to get and how many star you get each time Sometimes good or ad most of time 1 or 2 status

    Used 2 sss chum
    But still though I didn't get big size in competition 45th place
    I did get 4th place in infinity ship 4 1st time 10 pearl 15 stars
    I finish my stamina its so expensive any ideas I just start getting into infinity ship

    I am Looking 4 frilled shark tank plz add rango1

  8. not have about ripple?

  9. my total luck is 290,, why not also get a big fish when the size comp. ??

  10. Fishes and Preffered Rod For Size comp.
    Sockeye Salmon – Twilight , Ancient whale soul
    Taimen – Rare Black Dragon
    Big Fin Squid – Ancient Whale Soul
    Fat Bass – Dual Lightening
    Amberjack – Ocean Tyrant
    Finless Porpoise – Rare Heat Wave
    Napoleon Fish – White Crane, Galaxy, Ancient whale soul
    Seven Band Grouper – Full moon shadow , Ancient whale soul , Rare Black Dragon
    Louvar – Galaxy , Full moon shadow , White crane
    Sebae Clownfish – Ocean Tyrant , Shooting star Force
    False Fusilier - Galaxy , Full moon shadow , White crane
    Fire eel - Galaxy , Full moon shadow , White crane , Ancient whale soul , Rare Black Dragon


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